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Who Am I?

i am an LA girl with a killer kardashian impression, a cat named chicken nugget, and a crush on stanley tucci.

i'm a frequent user of the phrase "ya motha" (in a boston accent), and i have a completely rational fear of kangaroos and scientology.


- can fake-it-til-i-make-it so well
- i watch a lot of tv, so we can probs talk about your favorite shows
- can make tsa workers giggle
- if you talk to me in a silly voice, i'll do it back
- i thrift all my clothes, so hiring me is like lowering your carbon footprint
- i'm a libra, so i'm pretty much compatible with everyone


- my creative brain literally can't turn off ugh it's so annoying
- i will eat all the snacks in the office
- my pale, norse skin makes me look slightly ill in the winters
- i probably spend too much time on pinterest and too much $ on my nails
- takis
- takes criticism too well

My Top 5 Movies:

1. about time
2. knives out
3. the interview
4. la la land
5. entergalactic


Words of Wisdom from Legit Judges of Character

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Please reach out to me!

"The World's Most Best-Writing Copywriter"


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