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in an increasingly chaotic world, it's important to teach people how to connect with their inner thoughts and give them tools to maintain a level of hope for the future.

this case study video represents how we would attack the challenge of reconnecting gen z with their own minds.

these self-love letters for the future self were designed with the intention of reflection.

sometimes it is hard to look back and truly understand how far you've come. these letters allowed for direct communication with the past so that participants could clearly visualize the changes that have happened -even in the one year between writing and receiving them.

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the purpose of this prompted journal is to further self-growth and self-actualization within the people who write in it.

we want users to put the work in to understand why they are the way they are, why they like and dislike what they do, and why the world is how it is.

by understanding themselves, they will strengthen their ability to have grace for themselves and their situations.

copywriter: sydney illum

art director: sydney christensen

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