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about us

We're both named Sydney, we both have brown hair, and we also have a lot of other great qualities as well.

Between being best friends, co-parents of two beautiful cats, and a creative duo, we are an experienced partnership that trusts each other, knows what makes the other tick, and has had the time to find our flow and creative process.

Hiring two new creatives at once (and this early on in the year) can be an intimidating decision to make. Maybe you wanna keep your options open. Maybe you find it hard to believe that both of the creatives you are looking for are in the same program. And in Utah of all places??? We totally get it. That's why we've made it easy for you and legally changed our names to be the same. Just kidding. That would be crazy though, right? Almost as crazy as us just being given the same name at birth and finding each other in college and being extremely compatible in work and life. So crazy.

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