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pregmate sells pregnancy and ovulation tests in bulk.

most (if not all) pregnancy test companies focus their attention on women who are trying to get pregnant and fail to address the millions who use their tests in hopes that they'll come back negative - leaving a huge part of their customer demographics neglected.

because pregmate's tests are sold in packs of 50, it makes them a perfect spokes-brand for the sex-positive, pro-choice women who don't want to be mothers (yet, at least).

Pregmate Grid Phone.png
Pregmate Post Phone.png

to connect with these women, we are meeting them where they are: instagram.

these informative and cheeky posts are extremely shareable and

position pregmate to be the voice for this demographic.

and on twitter, too.


along with the social media rebrand and fresh new voice, we produced an app where women can track their menstrual cycle, find resources to learn more about their bodies, and connect with healthcare professionals.

copywriter: sydney illum

art director & video editor: sydney christensen

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