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is a booming trend.

nba fashion.webp

NBA players are dressing to impress as they show up to the arena on

game days.

It is becoming commonplace for the pros to experiment, express themselves, and show out as they catwalk toward the locker room before hitting the court.

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From hype beast streetwear to sophisticated traditional menswear, basketball players have become the new, unexpected frontrunners of fashion.

While looking into NBA fashion, I realized that many of the eye-catching looks were styled by the players' stylists.

However, most players dress themselves on game days, especially the less famous ones. And let's just's not great.

nba fashion 3.webp

I think there is a huge opportunity to style NBA players,

and that's a job I'd love to have.

So I analyzed the current style and vibe that two Jazz players emanate and put together a styling book for potential future game day looks to make them spectacles on and off the court.

Basketball is the most entertaining sport in the world, and styling NBA players is a perfect crossroad of my passion for fashion and my love for the game.


Bojan Bogdanovic tends to lean towards comfort with an edge. I appreciate how he seems to be dipping his toe into fashion, and he does make an occasional bold choice in his looks.

I think that Bogdanovic wants to be a show stopper on game days but doesn't quite know how to. He is so close to hitting the mark, but needs a little bit of help streamlining his style and dressing for his body.

louis vuitton jacket.webp
louis vuitton pant.webp
nike sneakers.jpeg

This all-Louis Vuitton look with high top black Nikes allows for a sleek, black monochromatic look without sacrificing that edge that sets Bogdonavic apart. It would draw a lot of attention to him, but it would still be understated (& comfy).

prada pant.webp
prada yellow tee.webp
prada shoe.webp
bottega veneta neon sweater.webp
prada silky bermuda short.webp
giuseppe zanottie cleopatera loafers.webp

Bogdanovic likes a pop of color, and this Prada tee paired with the baggy Prada pant gives a relaxed fit while exuding a effortless chicness. The sneaker is just sporty enough without sacrificing style

This look is inspired by Bogdonavic's love for neon colors. This oversized Bottega Veneta knit sweater matched with these loose-fitting Prada bermudas would allow for comfort and chicness while playing with fun colors. These loafers tie in both colors and adds a sophisticated flare.


Rudy's style leans towards a casual, chic vibe usually incorporating some sort of layering of a tee and jacket.

He makes some interesting and cool choices, but there seems to be some inconsistency in how he dresses.

cav empt vest.webp
versace pant.webp
nike white and black.webp
prada white 2.webp
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 12.04.16 PM.png
prada white.webp
gucci reed.webp
gucci shoe.webp
rick owens.webp

This navy and black ensemble falls in line with Gobert's history of elevated sporty. The similar colors intertwine to create a cool, understated yet impressive look. The high-waisted pant matched with the boxy vest allows for a slim silhouette that would compliment his height and body type. 

This Gucci and Prada mash up makes for a more colorful, pleasing outfit that would suit Gobert's tendency of making casual look chic. 

This streetwear puffer and Prada pants would give Gobert a new balance. He is known to wear a jacket or coat on many game days, but this puffer is just a step farther than he normally goes. It would be exciting without being jolting when put up against his past looks.

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