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a libra leaves reviews

as a copywriter, i've learned to keep it short and sweet,

but as a libra, my opinions tend to be very fluid and ever-changing.

my inner monologue is interesting and is often more complex than people may expect.

so read these reviews i've written out about random stuff...or just the summaries in bold....whatever you wanna do.

Starbucks is overrated, but also maybe it isn't because whenever I go there I get a lot done. Like I'll get a drink and then proceed to sit in the same seat for 5 hours working on stuff. Syd Chrish works at the Starbucks in Provo, so I actually get free drinks whenever she works. The vibes in Starbucks are not particularly good or bad. Maybe that’s what makes it such an effective place to study and work. It’s neutral. If it was super trendy and cute like some other cafes, it might be distracting. And if the vibes were bad, obviously no one would go there. The drinks are also neither spectacular nor disgusting. They’re just pretty good. Which is good. Do neutral spaces foster creativity and motivation? It makes me think about advertising agencies and how they all choose to use their space. I’m initially always attracted to the flashy, funky agencies with a lot going on inside of them, but maybe that just ends up getting in the way… Maybe when they’re simple they really allow for creativity to thrive. I have no idea. Anyways…Starbucks. I like it. But I don’t know if I would admit to any cool person how much time I spend there.

The Notes App is literally one of my favorite things in my life. I have a lot of sporadic thoughts and ideas that would all just be lost in the abyss of my memory if it weren’t for the Notes App on my phone. I do have a physical journal that I usually have with me, but I definitely have my phone on me at all times. If I were to show you my notes app, it would look like this: Passion Project Idea, Kids Names, Puff Puff Pasta, Christmas Presents for Fam, Learn Graffiti, Short Answers Save Trouble, Radio Spot for Twix, Rich People Have Poor Taste. I won't be elaborating on any of those. There are also so many things in there that I genuinely don’t understand. It’s like when someone with terrible handwriting can’t read a paper they wrote. Silly. I also use the notes app for to-do lists literally every day. It's legit the only way I was able to get this website built and produce the projects I did. I would be nothing without the Notes App.

Baggu is pretty cool - I think I like their stuff. Their bags are very popular with kids in the Adlab and the genre of people who would purchase We’re Not Really Strangers. Sometimes I tend to think that’s just how everyone is, but I truly think I’m just in an ad vortex. I’m not mad about it if that the case, but I should probably not just think everything is cool if it’s popular in this community. Anyways, I have one Baggu bag. It’s a tote bag that’s like a muted pink color. Like a dirty pink shade. I do really like it, and it has lasted me for over a year now. I also love Baggu’s humongous fanny packs. They’re so cute. Some of the prints that they use are so unbearable, though. I like the solid colors and checkered bags, but the flowery prints and smiley faces and strawberries are all just so corny to me. I think the bags are good quality, but I don’t love all of their designs. I guess I don’t need to like all of their designs…Just as long as I like a few - which I do. I love Baggu, I suppose.

Social Media and I have a complicated relationship. At least once a day, I consider deleting every social media I have downloaded on my phone. Because, like, who cares about them??? They’re so silly. And I waste so much time on them. I rarely even post anymore. The people who know me and see me are the only ones who I actually feel like matter. You know, real human connection. But on the other hand, it’s like the only way I stay in touch with a lot of family and friends from high school and other times of my life. I don’t want to give up talking to them all. But would I be missing out at all? It’s not like I’m having meaningful conversations in the Instagram DM’s ever. Just small talk and jokes and flirting. It doesn’t add much to my life. And if my friends from home and I are in different places living very different lives, do we need to stay in touch? Are we meant to stay in touch with 1500 people at once? If I run into them in person, I would recognize them and talk to them for sure. Every time I’m about to delete social media, though, I remember that it’s a way I can control my image and perception. It’s also a good way for people to see me and learn what I’m like and what I do. Is that all their right to know? Am I only doing this for other people? I don’t know, but I’m keeping social media.

Everyone should have a sister. My sisters are the coolest, and every time I imagine what life would be like without sisters, it just sounds depressing. I have a brother who is also awesome too. Just wanted to throw that disclaimer in there because he will probably read this, and I want him to know I love him too. But sisters push you. You have to work through disagreements in a different way. You have to communicate differently. I can also tell which men do not have sisters. I am being so serious. There is a massive difference in how men who have sisters treat women versus men who don't. It's not that men without sisters are not good to women. That would be a massive overgeneralization that would be silly to make. However, when a man has a sister, he has already learned how women communicate and function. They are leagues ahead when it comes to women. And girls who have sisters also tend to be more communicative. I'm so glad I have sisters though. A sister bond is stronger than almost anything else in the world. They are my best friends and so is my brother.

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