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Whether it be because of the outbreak of COVID-19, escalating housing prices, or simply moving away for work or school, many people have been uprooted this past year.

People are craving a sense of home, and that is exactly what Homesick candles offer them.


This :30 television spot follows the mental journey of a young woman who longs for the fresh mountain air of Utah while living in the city.

Enjoy the


Print Ads

When you are using Homesick candles, you are mentally transported Home. In these print ads, you can see that the candle has been blown out, and the smoke drifts away, molding into the place that the candle is named after.

Homesick Colorado.png


The billboard will stand in places that contrast the cities that the candle is named after. The one on the right might be placed in the middle of Kansas or some other rural area.


It is simple, eye-catching, and bold.


We will utilize the new "Add Yours" feature on Instagram to ask followers to post a picture that makes them feel Homesick.

We will then use a special

algorithm to target ads

towards the users who 

posted using the "Add

Yours" sticker. They will

see ads in their feed that

are pictures of the city they

posted about in their

story. The posts will look

like the one to the right.

homesick social (1).png

Enjoy the

Essence of

Boston, MA


Interactive/ Digital

On our website, we will include a new page called "Trip Down Memory Lane" where shoppers can click on the city that they call Home. They'll be greeted with a 30-minute, looped video of someone driving through that city. The local radio stations will also be streaming behind.


Enjoy the

Essence of Familiar




We will hold a contest on TikTok.

To enter, participants will make a video that captures the vibe and essence of their Hometown, post it on TikTok, use the #EnjoyTheEssence, and tag us @HomesickCandles.

Winner will be invited to our Homesick lab, where they will be able to design a limited-edition candle, specifically curated for their Hometown. They will get to choose the scents that go into the candle named after their Home.

Homesick will also offer the top three winners a free flight Home.




Copywriter/Director: Sydney Illum

Art Director: Destinee Hernandez

DP/Editor: Sam Sweeney

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