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darigold produces the finest milk that the milky way has to offer. 

while it's not popular to drink a glass of pure, dairy milk these days, this campaign will remind gen z that a glass of darigold milk is worth traveling the universe for.

iPhone 13 in 5 colors_Page 2_2 from NYC_ The City of Flying Cows…_ (1).png

as the campaign launches, so will giant, biodegradable darigold cow balloons.

onlookers will see cows flying up into the sky and wonder if they're witnessing cow abductions or maybe just imagining things.

iPhone 13 in 5 colors_NYC_ The City of Flying Cows…_.png

these outdoor posters will be placed on bus stops and inside subway stations.

the images are eye-catching and familiar and feed into the conspiracy theory that innocent cows are abducted by aliens (and only darigold knows why).

Advertisement on the bus stop_Page 1_3 from Darigold Prints (1).png
Advertisement in the subway_Page 3_3 from Darigold Prints.png
Advertisement on the bus stop_Page 2_3 from Darigold Prints.png

copywriters for video: sydney illum, john starkweather, jared brockbank

art directors for video: gwynie bahr, annabelle peterson

copywriter and art director for posters and stunt: sydney illum

director: taylor ballard

dp: tanner jackson

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